Ironman Vineman 70.3

on Sat, 08/03/2013 - 02:16

Half Ironman completed! This was an amazing experience. Unbelievable. I plan on doing this event in the future. First of all, have to give thanks to the organizers and volunteers. They did a fantastic job!! Secondly, the scenery is second to none. Beautfiful scenery through the whole course. Swimming through a river covered by trees, riding 56 miles through endless vinyards, and running through a vineyard. You can't expect anything better. Next time i'm taking my GoPro Hero3 camera on my bike ride. My friend was able to capture some pictures in the transition areas and beginning and ending of the event. Unfortunately, spectators are discouraged to follow athletes through the course.

I completed the course in 8hours and 17 minutes. Over an hour of what i'd like to have completed it by. Unfortunately, my left calve started cramping up at mile 7. I had to switch my posture and plan - jog/speed walk/walk: repeat. My friend Mario did a great job at finishing 7 hours and 20 minutes. Congratulations to him as well, as this was his frist half Ironman. Check out the pics below!


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